1. UMBCLU at SemEval-2024 Task 1A and 1C: Semantic Textual Relatedness with and without machine translation
    Shubhashis Roy Dipta, and Sai Vallurupalli
    SemEval 2024, 2024
  2. HU at SemEval-2024 Task 8A: Can Contrastive Learning Learn Embeddings to Detect Machine-Generated Text?
    Shubhashis Roy Dipta, and Sadat Shahriar
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    Shubhashis Roy DiptaMehdi Rezaee, and Francis Ferraro
    In Proceedings of the 12th Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM 2023), Jul 2023
  2. SeeBel: Seeing is Believing
    Sourajit Saha, and Shubhashis Roy Dipta
    arXiv preprint, Jul 2023


  1. MethEvo: an accurate evolutionary information-based methylation site predictor
    Sadia Islam, Shafayat Bin Shabbir Mugdha, Shubhashis Roy Dipta, MD Easin Arafat, Swakkhar ShatabdaHamid Alinejad-Rokny, and Iman Dehzangi
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  1. Accurately predicting glutarylation sites using sequential bi-peptide-based evolutionary features
    Md Easin Arafat, Md Wakil Ahmad, SM Shovan, Abdollah DehzangiShubhashis Roy Dipta, Md Al Mehedi Hasan, Ghazaleh TaherzadehSwakkhar Shatabda, and Alok Sharma
    Genes, Jul 2020
  2. Mal-light: Enhancing lysine malonylation sites prediction problem using evolutionary-based features
    Md Wakil Ahmad, Md Easin Arafat, Ghazaleh TaherzadehAlok SharmaShubhashis Roy DiptaAbdollah Dehzangi, and Swakkhar Shatabda
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  3. SEMal: Accurate protein malonylation site predictor using structural and evolutionary information
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